Overview of our Affiliated Companies

Power Generation Services, INC. Logo

  • DER Management Software
  • Qualified Scheduling Services
  • Control and Dispatch Services

View their website here: www.pogens.com

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Services

We provide strategic energy management services for commercial and industrial customers who own Distributed Energy Resources (DER)—distributed generation, combined heat and power (CHP), renewables, energy storage, fuel cells; and/or are registered demand response (DR) curtailment providers.

The suite of products and services is based on a broad and deep portfolio of Intellectual Property (IP) which includes, but is not limited to: installation, monitoring, control, compliance, risk management, analysis, reporting, and the economic dispatch of DER energy, capacity, or curtailment into the North American deregulated power markets. These services enable DER owners to profitably manage and maintain their energy assets, while retaining emergency-outage preparedness for their own businesses.  We offer all existing and new DER owners comprehensive daily operational management and market interaction.

Gridforce Energy Management, LLC

  • Balancing Authority
  • Transmission Operator
  • Market Operations Center

View their website here: www.grid4ce.net

NERC Certified Control and Dispatch

We are one of the nation’s most advanced energy control centers—a place where energy supply and demand are balanced in real time. We have a state-of-the-art control center in Houston, Texas, from which we serve a wide variety of customers across North America.

Our NERC Reliability Coordinator (RC) certified operators have more technical, multi-regional experience than any other balancing control center in the industry. Our “resume” includes successfully certifying over 48 balancing authorities, managing full requirements service for multiple municipal utilities, and the provision of services to over 13,000 MW of generation in five NERC sub-regions. We also provide services to Transmission entities, load-serving entities (i.e., municipalities, cooperative utilities, small investor-owned utilities, etc.), Independent Power Producers (IPPs), individual and aggregated micro-grid and non-residential DER owners, industrial facilities, and demand response clients throughout North America.  We offer our clients facilitated and secure access to the regional energy markets