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Causam Energy, Inc. believes the future of power is in transactive energy. The company holds many patents related to a transactional electric power grid and making it possible for energy from distributed energy resources (DERs) including solar, wind, storage, and generator backup to be used closer to where it is produced. Many of their efforts center around microgrids for managing DERs as part of smaller local grids.

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Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Services

We provide strategic energy management services for commercial and industrial customers who own Distributed Energy Resources (DER)—distributed generation, combined heat and power (CHP), renewables, energy storage, and fuel cells.

The suite of software and services is based on a broad and deep portfolio of Intellectual Property (IP) which includes, but is not limited to: installation, monitoring, control, compliance, risk management, analysis, reporting, and the economic dispatch of DER energy and capacity. These services enable DER owners to profitably manage and maintain their energy assets, while retaining emergency-outage preparedness for their own businesses.  We offer all existing and new DER owners comprehensive daily operational management and market interaction.