Our leadership team defined and created the concept of power system analytics and we continue to drive solutions related to analysis and optimization of customer’s energy and power systems across a wide variety of businesses and industries with the goal of helping customers get the most out of their energy and power systems, and ultimately, their business.

Our team is recognized as industry experts in the areas of power systems engineering, software development, data acquisition, data analysis, expert systems, and artificial intelligence.

We come from diverse industrial backgrounds with companies such as Eaton, Invensys, General Electric, Schneider Electric and others.

We deploy our technology across the spectrum of mission critical applications and industries. Our Paladin software platform has been recognized by the Federal government, the Department of Defense, VISA, eBay and offshore oil and gas production companies, among others, as the preferred solution for energy and power system design, simulation, analysis and optimization

Our goal is to deliver best in the world real time modeling and simulation software, with a passion to help customers better manage their power and energy.

We welcome conversation with customers and partners at info@poweranalytics.com

Kevin Meagher

Kevin Meagher


As President of Power Analytics, Kevin has guided the company to focus on the three most fundamental pillars supporting the future of distributed generation, microgrids and data centers.  These pillars are:  design and operations, secure communications, and advanced optimization and control.  Prior to becoming President, Kevin served as Power Analytics’ Chief Technology Officer.  Under his guidance, Power Analytics introduced industry-leading capabilities for energy management and pattern recognition, including the Paladin® DesignBase electrical design software, the Paladin Live mission critical management software, and the Paladin Microgrid Power Management Systemmicro grid controller.  Kevin has more than fifteen patents in analytical processes, and he is the creator of the Power Analytics Energy Alignment Process, a strategic planning process that takes a long-term, holistic view of an energy system.  Kevin has authored numerous papers on power, energy, and high availability architectures and has led development organizations and provided strategic planning for companies such as Eaton, Invensys, Computer Associates, and IBM.   Kevin was named as “one of the top 100 people you must know in Smart Grid” by Green Tech Media.  Kevin has undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and business and an MBA from the University of Colorado.



Jose Vivas

Jose Vivas

Vice President of Power Engineering Services

Dr. Jose Vivas has a PhD in Electrical Power Engineer and is the Vice President of Power Engineering Services for Power Analytics.  Jose’s experience in engineering and project management dates to 1974.  His work includes management of business development, design and engineering, construction, start-up and operations of interconnections, distributed power generation, solar plants, transmission lines, substations and distribution facilities.  Jose is an expert in power system analysis and in developing international and electrical utilities marketing and business development as well as in positioning ECA organizations, utilities, developers, products and brands in the USA and Latin American power markets.

Stephen Knapp

Stephen Knapp

Executive Director, Integrated Solutions

Stephen C. Knapp is Power Analytics’, Executive Director, Integrated Solutions, overseeing and managing the company’s microgrid and DER systems design and integration solutions.  Additionally, Stephen oversees and manages the company’s Quality Assurance Program related to the ISO 9001:2008 Standards and NUPIC ASME NQA-1–2008 Standards.  Stephen has been an electrical engineer and compliance officer in the energy sector for over 40 years.  Prior to his position at Power Analytics, Stephen was employed with Power Generation Services, Inc., (PoGens) as Chief Compliance Officer in the Law, Compliance, and Business Ethics unit responsible for overseeing the company’s national compliance organization and the company’s national business ethics efforts.

Prior to his work at PoGens, Stephen was employed with Constellation Energy Group, as the Director of Operations.  While at Constellation, Stephen oversaw, and was responsible for, transmission and generation operations, Wholesale and Retail market design and stakeholder operations, FERC and NERC regulatory and compliance oversight and development, and DER and DR compliance oversight and development.  Stephen’s primary responsibility focused on compliance oversight and enforcement related interactions with NERC and the regional RTOs/ISOs.

Charles Grubbs

Charles Grubbs

Director of Business Development

Charles Grubbs is Power Analytics Director of Business Development.  Charles holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering with 9 years in communications and 8 years in utilities and demand response.  Charles specializes in the implementation of market programs through load reduction, peak management and electrical market regulatory.  Charles years of experience in operations and product delivery is utilized to meet the logistics of program enrollment.   Charles manages the direction of operations and development for Power Analytics to assure the needs of the various programs and the customers’ needs are met.

Bill Boswell

Chief Technical Officer

Bill Boswell has a strong utility background, particularly in distribution.  In the last 30 years, he has been primarily focused on outage management, AMI, and demand response.  Bill led the re-architecture of ABBs outage management product to client-server, and participated as business analyst/application architect with all major customers, as well as contributing heavily to the actual code development.  Bill has also worked in the AMI/Demand Response field for the past 10 years, as director of software for one of the major vendors(Sensus);  Consert (acquired by Toshiba), and PGSI/Power Analytics, designing a distributed energy resource management system.