Power Analytics is a WaveTech Global Company





WaveTech Global, Inc.

WaveTech is a global next generation energy management company that specializes in asset lifecycle extension, intellectual property development, and implementation services. The Company offers a global portfolio of end-to-end energy optimization and lifecycle management solutions developed from proprietary intellectual property, engineered systems, and operational expertise.





Southern Power Systems, inc

Southern Power builds dependable networks, upgrades legacy networks and delivers value-added services that allow companies to maximize their energy investments. The Company’s engineers have some of today’s most sought after skills and more importantly, a track record of success. Southern Power deploys mission critical applications, ensures seamless transitions of new environments and minimizes the time to benefit of energy investments. The Company’s services include network design, installation, engineering & management, as well as enterprise network infrastructure support, security engineering, operating & storage systems and emergency services.

Re-Tron Technologies




Re-Tron Technologies

Re-Tron Technologies is an integrated energy system technology company working to assist customers in all of their data center and fleet needs. Re-Tron Services supports data center customers, specializing in UPS and battery maintenance, battery replacement, and testing. The Company also offers a wide variety of products to its customers such as in-stock batteries, compliance items, monitoring systems, and specialty cabinets. Re-Tron Fleet serves customers purchasing batteries for automotive, commercial, marine, generator starting, 2-way radio, energizer industrial and other purposes. Re-Tron’s Fleet division also offers gloves, absorbents, additives, and many other fleet accessories. Precision Decomm provides a wide range of integrated equipment and asset recovery services to a diverse development, rehabilitation, and demolition customer base involved in the management of commercial properties.




WaveTech GMBH

WaveTech was founded in 2003 with the ambition to take battery efficiency to a higher level. Expert knowledge and innovative strength paved the way for the development of Crystal Control Technology®, which forms the basis for the BEAT© product family. With a clear focus on research and quality, the German-based company provides solutions for a broad range of battery applications in the telecommunications, automotive, power storage and other sectors.