The disruption caused by COVID-19 unveils the true interconnectivity of society and businesses alike

New disruptive trends from bandwidth consumption, supply chain resources, and workforce operational changes are unraveling every industry’s capabilities to function normally. From power and internet providers, retailers, manufacturers to healthcare and logistics providers, these waves of disruptions have caused trillions of dollars of economic impact, and in some cases lost lives. 

This chain reaction is quickly spreading across various networks, straining resources and mounting large pressures on our most essential infrastructure networks in society. With critical network infrastructure responsible for connecting over 7.5 billion people and over 100 billion devices and sensors, protecting in real-time these networks and preventing any outages has never been more important. It is vital for every enterprise to have a resiliency plan and protocols that can be simulated in real-time in order to prevent catastrophic system failure. COVID-19 has shown us that unforeseen non-weather-related catastrophes is a substantial hazard to every person and business, and we all should better prepared.

Our Solution Driving COVID-19 Research: Real-Time Predictive COVID-19 Modeling and Simulation Software

The ability to be proactive and not reactive allows an enterprise to be ahead of the curve and mitigate risks. Real-time analytics with AI predictive critical data models will strengthen the resiliency, flexibility, and scalability for any business. Real-time critical data modeling and simulations will allow decision makers to take swift and pragmatic factual actions to improve and protect their business.

Power Analytics’ Asset Optimization software enables tracking and simulation of COVID-19 or any other impact event with our ability to process over two million real-time, enterprise-critical data inputs in any format that will lead an enterprise to make insightful and actionable decisions.

  • Site locations
  • Critical infrastructure and asset health
  • Disparate energy resources
  • Weather
  • New consumer behaviors
  • Logistics
  • Resource tracking
  • Run file queries 10-100x faster without making copies and storage cost reduction
  • Operational and workforce mobility capabilities
  • Point of Sale or any payment or financial transaction
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