Data Access

New Era, New Issues

Today’s data infrastructure and management systems are inadequate in handling the new era of Digital Transformation. The exponential growth of the scale and complexity of data is creating new inefficiencies and inhibiting the power and insight that data can provide effectively. The growing inefficiency in data management is costing businesses, delaying decisions, and obstructing real time insights, and current data systems will be unable to support the size, complexity, and urgency of future data.

Data accessible to businesses


Data that is original



Enterprise AI & analytics projects that fail


Copies of data between data & decisions

6 copies

Average information request cycle time

4-6 wks


Our Solution

Our unique unified data access layer consolidates and standardizes critical data points, reducing mobility costs and increasing instantaneous data access across various sources. We have strengthened our ability to provide a centralized, unsiloed data access solution for our customers. Making data dynamic rather than static improves business functionality across various departments.

  • Unsiloed, federated, centralized data access

  • Process 1,000,000+ per second real-time data-inputs

  • 100% of data delivered in real-time in one place to improve efficiency, operational output, flexibility, and scale

  • Uncover hidden insights and criticality of any network instantly

  • Reduces noise, by removing redundant copies

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