Notice: COVID-19 Antibody Testing and Real-Time Data Certification

Inspire Health and Power Analytics have partnered to provide COVID-19 antibody testing enabling on-site test results within 10 minutes with real-time digital secure certification to allow employees, employers, and communities to reopen and get back to work.  Deployed wisely, antibody tests offer immediate solutions that will allow Americans to protect their health and regain their freedom. Inspire Health Alliance provides the proven testing technology and Power Analytics provides the data analysis capabilities to help businesses know who can return to work safely. 

Our Platform

Power Analytics is a team of proven operators using a differentiated high-quality data solutions technology platform to protect mission critical operations in the high-growth infrastructure and enterprise solutions markets.

Our platform fuses communications, infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology to improve availability, visibility, and reduce costs.  The Paladin® platform protects trillions of dollars across billions of transactions in real-time.

Our Mission

Provide the power for your analytics.

Power Analytics is a global technology IoT, data, visualization, and analytics platform company specializing in next-generation energy design, asset optimization, and predictive analytics, including the intellectual property patents to protect what we do. We are a comprehensive, single-source service and technology provider for the development using data science, deployment, and maintenance of a broad range of modern networks. Our platforms allow customers to take control of their critical infrastructure, reduce costs, automate and protect operations, and improve business reliability. We give customers and decision makers the power to be proactive, not reactive. The power of analytics.

Empower Your Data


Real-time data access means instantaneous data access. Digitization transformation requires decisions to have been made… yesterday. With the growing transformation and uncertainty of the world as we know it, accessing data in real-time is key to survive and thrive. Power Analytics real-time capabilities range from the complex arc flash analysis and digital twins to monitoring and alerts.

Unsiloed, Centralized, Federated

We can help you make sense of data consolidated from various resources for seamless centrality of various sources, both internal and external, for a 360-degree view of your enterprise. Furthermore, you can reduce data noise by removing redundant and duplicated data. And we don’t discriminate among industries.

  • Infrastructure

  • Operations

  • Finance

  • Weather

  • Marketing

  • Consumers behavior

Pattern Recognition, AI, and Real-Time Digital Twins

Optimize your business using the most accurate and powerful tools, simulations, and scenarios. With over 25 years of software experience and revolutionary, 21st century tools, we have the technology you need now.

The Era of Digital Transformation


Why Empowering Your Data is More Important Than Ever

The exponential growth and complexity of data is creating new inefficiencies and inhibiting the power and insight that data can provide. As we move into a new decade, companies must invest in an upgraded, digitalized network for the future.

Growing inefficiency in data management is costing businesses, delaying decisions, and obstructing real-time insights. Current data infrastructure and management is unable to support the size, complexity, and urgency of future data.

Businesses and customers are embracing the Internet of Things from smart factories to smart homes. By the end of 2020, there will be $2.7T worth of 5G infrastructure globally to enable IoT, and the global market of IoT end-user solutions is expected to value $1.7T by 2025.

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