Providing Engineering Consulting Services

Solving Today’s Toughest Electrical Engineering Challenges

Leading mission-critical facilities rely on Power Analytics’ specialized power systems expertise for their most important projects. Today’s power systems are being called upon to operate closer to their limits and with a higher influx of variable power that can lead to stability issues and supply interruptions. Additionally, current market forces, and greater concern for power security, power surety, and power quality underscore the need for advanced applications and the engineering expertise to solve all equations, often under differing operational contingencies. Our expertise with power system studies across a wide range of applications make us uniquely positioned to provide a full range of services, giving our clients unparalleled Project Execution, Quality, Flexibility and Cost Effectiveness.

Power Analytics provides a broad range of consulting services to industrial facilities and the power and utility industry:

Major Power Studies:

  • Power Flow (AC/DC)
  • Short Circuit (AC/DC)
  • Protection Device Coordination
  • Arc Flash (AC/DC)
  • Cable Ampacity
  • Transmission Line Parameters

Advanced Power Studies:

  • Transient Stability
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Ground Grid Design
  • Motor Starting
  • Voltage Stability
  • Unbalanced Power Flow

Optimization Analysis:

  • Power System Optimization
  • Reliability Assessment

Feasibility Analysis:

  • On-site Distributed Generation & Grid Interconnection
  • Renewable PV Solar Generation
  • Microgrid Implementation
  • Electrical Reliability Improvement
  • Voltage Sag Solution
    • Damping of Electrical Voltage and Power Transient


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What Our Clients Say

“Power Analytics was able to respond to our emergency request for assistance and deliver the project on a tight timeline…”

“For our diesel generator simulation project…working with (PA) was a wonderful experience and you will be my go-to for sure…”

Nuclear Customer: “We needed to know if our PV plant could meet our utilities’ interconnection requirements. Power Analytics performed … beyond expectation.”


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