Creating An Open, Transparent, Transactional Energy Marketplace

EnergyNet takes the existing utility-based Internet presentation of consumer energy usage information to a whole new level for all market participants—distribution utilities, commercial, industrial, and residential consumers, and vendors of energy equipment (such as solar PV, energy storage, EV charging station, HVAC, energy efficient appliance manufacturers, etc.) by creating an open marketplace, or “energy store,” with unlimited expansion potential.

The EnergyNet marketplace is the go-to website for information about energy usage and patterns, bill presentation, energy-saving recommendations and opportunities, offers to buy or sell energy, capacity, or ancillary services to and from the distribution utility and, eventually, to and from grid-edge consumers. Vendors will be able to advertise their products and services on this website. Distribution utilities, and possibly other vendors, will be able to see, in an aggregated anonymous format, what products and services interest consumer market segments. Such awareness can improve targeted marketing efforts, consumer satisfaction, and customer retention. With consumer permission, EnergyNet can also dive behind the meter for assessment and analysis of energy activities and usage typically hidden to the distribution utility, enabling consumer-requested energy assessments, efficiency recommendations, automated demand response, etc.  EnergyNet creates a platform for consumers to interact with the grid and monetize DER investments.

The EnergyNet platform is open to all potential third party application developers who may create new, unanticipated offerings for the distribution utilities, grid-edge consumers and their devices. These offerings will become a standard part of the EnergyNet marketplace and will be offered in an app store that anyone can browse for various software applications that meet their particular needs.

This new transactional energy marketplace will optimize all system resources including distributed energy resources, weather-dependent solar and wind renewables, storage, demand response, energy efficiency, etc., while compensating each participant in a fair and market-driven manner.

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