Power Analytics Short Circuit Analysis, ANSI/EEE/IEC

Power Analytics’ Short Circuit Analysis program delivers a solution that allows power system specialists to calculate the short circuit current based on IEEE or IEC standards. The Short Circuit Analysis program has integrated Power Analytics’ Protective Device Evaluation (PDE) program for checking the interrupting capabilities of the switching devices, such as CBs, fuses, and switches.

Power Analytics’ Short Circuit Analysis program is a very powerful and proven tool for electrical engineers, having been proven in demanding, real-world applications and in rigorous software testing based on long hand calculation.

Both 3-phase and single-phase networks can be modeled, and any type of fault can be simulated: 3P, L-L, L-L-G, L-G. Power Analytics’ Short Circuit Analysis program calculates sliding faults, an important feature for impedance protection operation or for calculating the L-G faults needed for towers grounding.

Program Features:

  • Unlimited bus simulation (50,000+)
  • IEEE and IEC standards
  • 3-phase and single-phase network on the same model
  • All types of faults: 3P, L-L, L-L-G, L-G: solid faults or via an fault impedance
  • Integrated Protective Device Evaluation (PDE) program
  • Short circuit current calculation inside MCC schedule
  • Considering the lines mutual couplings
  • Sliding faults and series faults
  • Program fully integrated with electrical one-line diagram
  • Flexible, fast and accurate
  • Flexible selection of faulted bus, directly on the one line diagram or text driven selection
  • User-defined groups of faulted buses
  • Fault at all buses or selected buses – user defined
  • Online back annotation or customized text output report
  • Fast and reliable solution technique
  • Easy-to-use and results are at a glance as per user selection
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the bus short circuit results
  • Autodesk Autodesk® ActiveShapes® technology
  • Autodesk® Plugs & Sockets™ technology

The Power Analytics’ Short Circuit Analysis program is associative with the following Power Analytics’ programs:

  • Impedance Relay Coordination
  • Protective Device Coordination (PDC),
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Motor Starting
  • Advanced Transient
  • Harmonics Analysis with Automatics Filter Sizing
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